Scuba Diving in Lombok

If you are going diving in Lombok, there are 3 main places that you can go. They are Gili Islands, Sekotong and the bays in the Southern part of the island. You can dive from March to November.  The temperature of the water is very warm and ranges from 79°F to 86°F, which is 26°C to 30°C. It is easy to dive in Lombok and you can also get your scuba diving certification with ease.

If you choose to dive in the Southern part of the island, you can go to Belongas Bay, Gerupuk Bay, Tampah and Kuta. Here, the dive sites slope gently and in Belongas bay, you will find a cavern that you can explore. Sekotong has excellent dive sites too and many have just been discovered. You can find wonderful creatures here.

The Gili Islands also have different dive sites. You can go drift diving in Gili Trawangan and you will find turtles in Gili Meno.

Scuba Diving in Lombok

What Can You Expect to See
There are healthy sea fans, table corals and barrel sponges in the many islands surrounding Lombok. You can expect to see a variety of Marine animals here including resting stingrays and also whitetip sharks that can be found along the sandy bottoms and the reefs. If you go to Sekotong, you will see moray eels, scorpionfish, ghost pipefish, and nudibranchs. A night dive may also reveal a variety of shrimp and crabs.

The Gili Islands are an ideal place to find green sea turtles and even loggerhead sea turtles in the area around Gili Meno. You will also be able to see whitetip sharks and green bump head parrotfish around Gili Trawangan. You should keep your eyes peeled for octopus and cuttlefish too.

Bali and Lombok are cousins with Lombok being the quieter one. They are about the same size but have different cultures. Lombok is mainly Muslim and has a population of about 3.3 million people. The international airport in Lombok opened in 2011 and since then tourists have been coming more and more.

There is a live volcano on the island known as Mount Rinjani that is the second highest in the nation of Indonesia. It is 3,726m tall. It last erupted in May of 2010 and lava flowed into Lake Caldera.  Regardless of the kind of traveler you are, you will find something in Lombok. Hikers can climb Mount Rinjani, which has many hiking trails. If you love the ocean, you will enjoy the white sandy beaches, scuba diving and snorkeling around the coral reefs.

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