Do these while you are In Lombok–Part 1

In the past, exploring Lombok was difficult due to poor roads. Today, all that has changed. There are new roads and infrastructure and even an international airport for greater accessibility. Now, anyone can visit Lombok or us in Gili Terawangan easily. We have compiled a list of things to do in Lombok. You can explore them while you stay in Gili Terawangan with Villa Almarik.  Here are some fun things to do while there:lombok

  • Climb Mount Rinjani – This 3 day hike to the top is taxing but the sunrise from the peak is absolutely breathtaking. The panoramic views are stunning and you will find that it is absolutely worth the climb.
  • Tiu Kelep Waterfall – There are quite a few waterfalls in Lombok but one of the most beautiful is Tiu Kelep. It is set in a tropical jungle with lush greenery. A must visit!
  • Selong Belanak Beach – The beaches in Lombok are picture perfect. This particular one is located in the south of Lombok. It has a crescent bay and sandy ocean floor. Here, you can simply relax or learn how to surf.
  • Tour the Sekotong Islands – Go Island hopping! Enjoy the sandy beaches and snorkel around the coral reefs. This is a great way to spend the day swimming, relaxing and snorkeling.
  • Ashtari Kuta – This is actually a café in Lombok that has great drinks and food. What takes you there though is the views. Set on a hill, this café is strategically placed to offer fantastic views of the bay of Kura.
  • Rinjani Lodge’s Infinity Pool – You have to visit this particular infinity pool. The Rinjani lodge is on a ledge in the Rinjani National Park and at the pool you get views of the surrounding area. You can swim at no cost provided that you purchase something to eat.
  • Pink Beach – The proper name for this beach is Tangsi Beach. The sand is a distinctive pink color and there are some coral reefs not far out where you can snorkel. With a good camera, you will be able to take delightful pictures to take home with you.
  • Lake Segara Anak – Camping at Lake Segara Anak is an absolute delight. Here, you will be surrounded by great forests and since there is not much light at night, you will be ableto see the stars clearly at night. Get in touch with nature.
  • Air Kalak Hot Springs – These springs are said to have properties that are medicinal. After climbing Mount Rinjani, the hot springs will be a great treat and will help deal with sore muscles. Soak off the weariness.
  • Bukit Pegasingan – Once atop Mt. Rinjani, you will have a clear view of the valley below and the colorful fields.

Yes, there’s so much to do that we have to break this blog into two parts. Stay tuned for next week’s blog for the part 2 or you can just read it here. If you want to speak to a local about your trip or get more details on how to get to these beautiful places from Gili Terawangan, make sure to visit our receptionist or concierge at the front desk when you stay with us.



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