Lombok Adventures

Lombok, a 15 minute boat ride from Villa Almarik, is located to the east of Bali but is much less developed than its neighbouring island to the west. It is rich both in terms of environment and culture. Lombok has beautiful beaches and Gunung Rinjani, a volcano that is a well known trekking destination. Lombok is also home to some highly spiritual places including Pura Langsar, a large temple complex built in 1714, and Taman Narmada, a place of pilgrimage for Balinese people to this day.

Lombok Island

Villa Almarik offers tours of North Lombok where you will enjoy a scenic drive through the national park, located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, which is also home to troops of monkeys. Then go on to the waterfalls at the base of the volcano.

You can also visit local Sasak villages, well known for their earthenware pots and textiles. Wrap up your day with a visit to a local market where you can see and taste the local fruits, food and spices that Indonesia is famous for.

Let us know what you're interested in and we will customize an itinerary for you.

We can also organize trekking tours to the crater of the Rinjani Volcano and to the lake where the baby Rinjani volcano is growing.

The unforgettable panoramic views will be an everlasting memento of your tour.


On Gili Trawangan itself, aside from the great diving, Villa Almarik offers snorkeling tours. Drifting gently though the warm tropical waters with a mask and snorkel you'll see more species of fish then you'll be able to count.

Sea kayaks are available for hire. This is a great way to see the beautiful beaches and reefs, or if you are feeling lazy, take a sunset cruise and enjoy an on-board meal of freshly barbequed fish as the sun sets and the incredible stars start to shine.

If you wish to see the interior of the island there is no better way than renting a mountain bike and taking a few hours to explore. Or rent a horse drawn carriage (cidomo) - a unique Gili Trawangan twist to island exploration!

The Villa Almarik staff will do everything possible to ensure your stay is enjoyable and memorable.
We understand that the little touches matter.