5 Things You Could Learn During Your Stay on Gili Trawangan

Most visitors to Gili Trawangan island don’t go with the intention of learning anything. It is better known as a place to relax and unwind without having to think too much. But what if you could relax and learn at the same time? There are some amazing things to be explored on the island so why not build your knowledge at a leisurely island pace. Discover 5 Things You Could Learn During Your Stay on Gili Trawangan by reading on.

1. Learn to Dive

5 Things You Could Learn During Your Stay on Gili Trawangan

The waters around Gili Trawangan are practically bursting with marine life. Taking your PADI Dive Certification with Gangga Divers at Villa Almarik is the perfect way to take advantage of the spectacular underwater scenery. Whether you’ve never scuba dived before or you want to increase your certification level, there is a PADI course for you.

To learn about all the different courses offered by Gangga Divers on Gili Trawangan, click here.

2. Learn About Sea Turtles

5 Things You Could Learn During Your Stay on Gili Trawangan

The resident populations of Hawksbill and Green sea turtles around Gili Trawangan are a huge draw for tourists. They spend their time gliding around the island feeding on sea grass, which means they are generally easy to find. In fact, one of the best spots to see them is right in front of Villa Almarik.

Instead of just swimming with the turtles, how about learning a little about them as well. Just a short stroll down the beach from Villa Almarik is the Gili Trawangan turtle hatchery. Set up by locals with government funding, this turtle hatchery is small but well managed and is helping to increase turtle populations. Talk to the locals there to learn about all their turtle conservation initiatives.

3. Learn to Snorkel

5 Things You Could Learn During Your Stay on Gili Trawangan

If you haven’t yet learned to snorkel, Gili Trawangan is the ideal place to try it out. The waters are crystal clear, calm and warm. You don’t have to worry about big waves and you can walk right into the water from the beach so won’t feel out of your depth.

Snorkeling gear is easy and cheap to rent on the beach. Just make sure to get well fitting gear that is in good condition. To find out more about staying safe while snorkeling, read our article Snorkeling Safely Around Gili Trawangan.

4. Learn to Speak Some Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia is the main language of the Indonesian Archipelago. There are hundreds of other dialects spoken but as the language of schooling and government the majority of people speak Bahasa Indonesia.

It’s not such a difficult language to learn and picking up a few phrases while you’re in the Gilis is a great idea. Although most local people working in the Gilis speak some English, they appreciate the effort when you speak their language too.

5. Learn About the Local People

5 Things You Could Learn During Your Stay on Gili Trawangan

85% of Lombok’s people are from the Sasak tribe. Many Sasak people live and work in the Gili Islands where the tourist trade is profitable. They are welcoming people and are generally happy to talk about their culture and traditions, which are very unique to Lombok. To learn more about the people talk to them! The staff in the hotel, restaurants, sellers on the beach or even boat drivers are usually pleased to be able to share with interested tourists.

Holidays don’t have to be just about lying on a beach with a cocktail. You can learn about so many things from new skills to information about the nature and culture of the islands while you’re in the Gilis. Is there something you really love to learn while traveling? Let us know in the comments below.

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