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5 Reasons to Make Indonesia Your Summer Holiday Destination This Year

With Spring on the way for those of you living in the northern hemisphere it’s time to book your summer holidays. Many people have been staying close to home due to travel restrictions, but with more and more countries opening to tourists, it may be the year to really get away. With Visa on Arrival (VoA) now available again, Indonesia is definitely one of the destinations you should be looking at. Here are 5 reasons to make Indonesia your summer holiday destination this year.

1. It’s quieter than usual

Villa Almarik Gili Trawangan

Indonesia has always been a massive tourist destination, especially Bali and the Gili Islands. However, with tourist visas just being offered again from March 2022, tourist arrival numbers are still relatively low. This means you can get around much more easily, don’t have to book everything well in advance, and don’t have to wait in lines to see tourist attractions.

2. The people are so welcoming

5 Reasons to Make Indonesia Your Summer Holiday Destination This Year

The Indonesian people have a reputation for their warm hospitality and welcoming spirit. They love to chat to visitors and learn about their cultures and customs. After 2 years of rarely seeing foreign tourists, they are very excited to welcome people back to their islands. On Gili Trawangan and the other Gili Islands, many people went home to mainland Lombok as there were no tourists at all. They are now starting to move back and are happy to greet the new faces arriving.

3. Nature has had a break

An In Depth Guide to the Sea Turtles of Gili Trawangan

The global Covid-19 pandemic has bee a terribly hard time for economies that rely on tourists, but there is a silver lining. Over time natural habitats can suffer from the wear and tear of human contact. Even when we are very careful we have an impact on the environment. The busy tourist areas of Indonesia like Bali and the Gili Islands have had a nice break and certain species of birds, turtles, reptiles, and insects have been seen in places they haven’t been for many years. Now when you go to Indonesia you will be seeing it at the best it has been for a long time.

4. The economy needs you

As we said above, it has been a very economically tough time for Indonesians. Many people lost their jobs and others had their hours cut to the bare minimum. Some people lost their businesses completely. By holidaying in Indonesia, you can help to revive the tourist industry and make things just a little easier for struggling businesses and individuals.

5. It’s just a wonderful holiday destination

Visit Raja Ampat’s Famous Piaynemo Islands

Apart from all these other reasons, Indonesia is an incredible holiday destination. There are thousands of islands to see, with unique cultures, beautiful natural scenery, and tons to do. From lounging on white sand beaches in Gili Trawangan, to diving in some of the most pristine waters in the world Raja Ampat, and enjoying cultural spectacles in Bali, there is something for everyone. You don’t have to choose one either. It is easy and cheap to travel within Indonesia and you can book Lotus Hotel combo packages so you can see more in your holiday time.

Are you convinced? Or maybe you have been to Indonesia before and are dying to get back. Tell us what appeals to you about this amazing island nation in the comments below.

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