Activities To Do In Lombok–Part 2

A continuation of last week’s blog, we cover the activities we can do with your stay in Villa Almarik and on Lombok. Fill your trip with a wide range of activities when visiting Gili Terawangan, and the nearby Gili Islands. You won’t want to miss a trip of a lifetime on these beautiful islands. 


  • Semeti Beach – This rocky beach is quite famous and a must see. The volcanic outcroppings have divided the beach into several small inlets. This beach is not very busy, making it ideal for a quiet beach outing.
  • Benang Kelambu Waterfall – If you are in the capital Mataram, you will need to drive one hour out in order to come to the waterfall. This is a 20 meter water fall that comes tumbling down a cliff surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Sasaknese Massage – If you like a nice, strong massage, you should try this one. Based on pressure points, this slightly painful massage will have you feeling better in no time.
  • Tanjung Ringgit – Go for a treck and enjoy the scenery here. There are wonderful open fields, the ocean and fantastic greenery. It is best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon for this peaceful walk.
  • Manku Sakti Waterfall – Here is another waterfall that you must visit. In fact, this one is a series of them hidden within a gorge. You need to be a strong and careful swimmer because the water flows rapidly.
  • Explore local culinary delights – There are several different delicious dishes that you should sample while in Lombok. They include Sate Rembiga, Plecing, Ayam Taliwang and Nasi Puyung among others.
  • Pearl Farming – Lombok exports pearls quite a bit. You can find out how pearls are farmed at Autore Pearl Farm. Here, you will get the full tour, see how pearl harvesting happens and visit their showroom.
  • Narmada Water Park – This water park was actually created in the year 1727. It is considered a Hindu spiritual retreat and has been made as a replica of Mount Rinjani’s summit. There is a spring that flows through it and the gardens are beautifully cultivated.
  • Pottery classes – The tourist village of Penujak has amazing pottery and here you can be part of a pottery class where you will enjoy molding, glazing and firing your pot.
  • Sukarare Village – In Lombok textile production is a big home industry. Tenun Ikat and Tenun Songket are traditionally woven products. In this village, you will get to see how it is done first hand.
  • Beleq Village – This is the place to be if you would like to see a traditional Sasak village and learn the culture of the local people.

We hope you like the list of activities we have covered in this 2 part series blog posts. If you have missed the first part of this blog on the activities you can do in Lombok, you can refer to the first part of the blog here. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy during your stay in Lombok. Villa Almarik is here to be your home during your vacation in Lombok. Find out more about Villa Almarik Resort and Spa here.

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  1. September 14, 2017

    From trekking Mount Rinjani to visiting pearl farms and ancient water temples, there are a lot of great things to do in Lombok.

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