What will you find Diving in Gili Islands?

Are you planning a visit to Lombok? This is one of the top destinations in Bali and for many good reasons. The main destinations in Lombok are of course the fascinating Gili islands namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. These islands have become a Mecca for diving enthusiasts from across the world.

Redefining Bali Diving
If you are making a trip to Indonesia, a scuba diving experience should be part Diving In Gili Islandof your itinerary. Of course, this is one of the top diving destinations in the world and the Gili simply redefine diving in the tropics. While Bali is the most visible of the islands in Indonesia, more visitors are trooping to the Gili Islands for a more serene experience away from the crowds.
Of course, some peace comes in handy during your vacation and this is exactly what the Gili offer every visitor. Below are some other features that make Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air a must-visit for every diver:
1. Wide Variety of Dive Sites
The Gili Islands boast the plethora of fascinating diving spots that suitDiving Gili Island all types of divers. With over 20 diving sites, there is something for beginners up to the experienced divers. These sites are home to a diverse range of marine life ranging from Hump head Parrot fishes, turtles, nudibranchs and pigmy seahorses, bamboo shark and blue-ringed octopus, frog fishes and many other animals. Whether going for muck diving or wall diving, there are so many sites to enjoy and lots of critter and large marine animals.
2. Idea Diving Conditions
The Gili islands and Sekotong Lombok boast the best diving weather condition. Temperatures range between 27-29 degree Celsius and divers enjoy high visibility throughout the year. These conditions make every dive almost a surreal experience with an aquarium-like combination of colors and creatures all around you.
3. Perfect Location
All Gili Island’s diving sites are conveniently located short distances from the best resorts. A short boat ride is all a diver needs to get to the best diving spots and enjoy the glorious marine ecosystem. The shallow waters allow for better viewing of marine life and the reefs are easy to explore. Between dives, there are high class restaurants and cafes where you can take a quick meal and/or drink.
Worried that you will not enjoy your dive due to lack of experience? No need to worry because Gili Island diving sites are suitable for all levels of divers. The warm wind shallow water, clear visibility, and easy access make this the ultimate diving destination in Asia. Contact our dive professional in Villa Alamrik and let’s do a fun dive today

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