Things to Do On Gili Islands

Well, if you have been doing your research about things to do on the Gili Islands, then you probably know that they are known for snorkeling, diving and partying. There are many other things that you can do here though, that may not be well known. Here are some that you should definitely consider:

clown fish

  • Fish Pedicures and Massages – Visit one of the spas or massage parlors and get to enjoy a relaxing massage. Better still, enjoy a fish pedicure where you will have many tiny fish just nibbling away at your feet.
  • Visit Turtle Sanctuary – Located in Gili Meno, you will find a sanctuary that collects and incubates turtle eggs for the preservation of the species. Once they are hatched, the turtles are raised for a period of 8 or so months and then released into the ocean.
  • The Bird Park – Still on Gili Meno, you can visit the bird park where you will see eagles, pheasants, parrots, pelicans, peacocks and more. If you are a bird lover, this is a must visit.
  • Traditional dance – There are times when Sasak dancers will be brought over to the Gilis from Lombok. The traditional dances tell a little bit about the culture of the people. The dances are open to everyone, so you can watch how they do it and then join in.
  • Visit Lombok – If you are looking for more on culture and also nature, you may consider a trip to Lombok. Here, you will find Balinese temples, rice fields, volcanoes, mosques, waterfalls and more. You may even decide to hang out there for several days.
  • Learn how to snorkel and dive – all three of the Gilis Islands have diving schools. Simply pick one, get some snorkeling equipment and get into the water with an instructor.
  • Walk around the Island – On both of the smaller ones, you can actually walk all the way around in one or two hours. If you are on Gili Trawangan, the bigger island, consider renting a bike and riding all the way around it.
  • Go Island hopping – You have 3 islands at your disposal, why not visit them all? Buy yourself a ticket on the public boat and off you go to visit the other islands. If you have the money, consider hiring a boat instead and enjoy the day. This works pretty well if you are a group of about 10 or more.

There is plenty to do on the Gilis. Go surfing, enjoy water sports, go fishing and eat out among other fun activities. Make sure to visit our receptionist or concierge on the front desk when you stay with us.

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