What a Day of Diving Looks Like on Gili Trawangan

Are you one of those divers that loves to pack in as much as possible in one day? If you are, Gili Trawangan is your perfect destination. The proximity to over 25 amazing dive sites means you don’t have to travel far and can get to several sites in one day. If you want to know a little more about what a typical day of diving is like on Gili Trawangan, read on!

Morning dives

What a Day of Diving Looks Like on Gili Trawangan

Most divers like to get a morning dive in and Gangga Divers at Villa Almarik will be ready to take you out right after breakfast at the hotel. All your gear will be set up and you don’t have to worry about anything but your normal pre-dive checks.

Mornings around Gili Trawangan are generally calm and it takes only around 10-15 minutes to get to some great dive sites from Villa Almarik. Some of the best morning dives are Manta Point and Shark Point. Imagine the thrill of seeing manta rays or white or black-tipped reef sharks first thing in the morning! That’s a great way to set you up for the day.

What a Day of Diving Looks Like on Gili Trawangan

Halik is another dive that is often done in the morning before the current gets too strong. Even in the morning, there can be quite a strong pull, so it’s a great drift dive.

After your first dive of the day, you’ll head back to the resort for some lunch and a rest.

Afternoon dives

What a Day of Diving Looks Like on Gili Trawangan

After lunch and a rest at the hotel, the Gangga Divers team will take you back out around 2 pm. If all divers on the trip are certified up to 30 metres, this is a good time to do one of the deeper dives.

Deep Turbos is a favourite afternoon dive. This reef starts at about 18 metres and there is plenty to see. Turtles, sharks and schooling fish like to relax here on the coral-covered ridges.

If not everyone is qualified to dive at this depth, there are plenty of other options.

3-Dive Day

Night Diving in Gili Trawangan

Because all the dive sites around the Gili Islands are so close, it is possible to get a third dive in, in one day. You can choose to do a midday dive and then one later in the afternoon, or even a night dive.

Since Gili Trawangan is located just south of the equator the sun sets around 6.30 pm every day. Getting a night dive in doesn’t mean going out late at night. The boat can leave around 5 or 5.30 pm and be back in a couple of hours later. This often means catching a gorgeous Gili sunset from the boat. If you’re interested in night diving around Gili T we have an article here.

What a Day of Diving Looks Like on Gili Trawangan

When you get back to Villa Almarik the kitchen will be ready to serve you a hearty dinner and icy cold beers. It’s great to be able to talk about the day and everything you saw at the hotel restaurant.

If you’ve done 3 dives, you’ll most likely be ready to head to bed and get some rest before your next trips out. Just remember if you are going to be flying, you need to have at least 24 hours between your last dive and your flight.

Do you like to take it easy and dive once or twice a day, or fit in as many dives as possible? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments box below.

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