Take a Bicycle Ride Around Gili Trawangan

The small island of Gili Trawangan has absolutely no motorized traffic. To get around you can choose to walk, grab a traditional horse and cart, or ride a bicycle. Bicycling is our favorite option for getting around, but also for taking a tour of the island. It only takes an hour or maybe a couple if you decide to stop along the way. Here’s a few reasons why you should definitely take a bicycle ride around Gili Trawangan.

The Scenery

Take a Bicycle Ride Around Gili Trawangan

Whether it’s your first time on Gili T or you’ve been many times before, you’ll never get tired of the scenery. From Villa Almarik you can ride north towards the quieter part of the island or south to the busier main strip. The one road that circles the whole island is on the coast the whole way around so you’re never far from the water. You can stop at any point to try out a new beach or cool off with a little dip. These palm-fringed beaches are just what you’d expect on a tropical island.

Riding around you’ll also pass through shady groves of swaying palms so idyllic you have to see them to believe it. There are even parts of the island that it can get a bit jungly. The lush green interior of the island contrasts the coastal waters beautifully.

The pit stops

Take a Bicycle Ride Around Gili Trawangan

The cycling around Gili T is flat and easy. However, it is hot and you might need to stop along the way. Apart from a dip in the sea, there are plenty of places to enjoy a cold drink or have a bite to eat. Gili Trawangan has loads of options for every type of traveler. You can enjoy a fancy beach club or stop at a tiny stall for a fresh coconut. It’s all up to you so the freedom to jump off your bike whenever you like is perfect.

If you like to shop, there are some great boutiques and stalls along the way. From clothes, to jewelery, to handicrafts, you’ll want to make sure you take a bag with you to carry all your goodies back.

The freedom

Take a Bicycle Ride Around Gili Trawangan

Can you think of anything better than riding around a tropical island paradise with the wind in your hair? The paths aren’t always fully paved, and they are sometimes sandy and tough to negotiate, but that’s just part of the fun. Without any motorbikes or cars you don’t have to worry about the dangers of the roads. You can just pedal away with no real rush to get anywhere. You’ll rarely see a visitor on island with a sad expression on their face. There is something so freeing and joyous about bicycling around Gili T.

We definitely recommend biking around Gili Trawangan at least once. It’s fun, great for keeping active, and you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve circumnavigated a whole island! Getting around by bike is by far the most convenient way to get around. Even if you’re just going to the mini-mart down the road from Villa Almarik, you can just hop on a bicycle.

Take a Bicycle Ride Around Gili Trawangan

Just ask at reception where to rent a bicycle and you’ll be on your way in no time! Have you cycled around Gili Trawangan? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below if you have.

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