Why You Need To Dive In Gili Islands

When you visit Indonesia, be sure to visit the Gili Islands and go diving. There are three different islands namely Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. This area is included in the ‘Coral Triangle’ so you can rest assured that you will see some amazing reefs and vibrant underwater life. In Sekotong, you will find coral reefs that are largely unspoiled. They are a diving gem. Here are some reasons why you should definitely go diving in the Gili Islands:

gili trawangan lombok
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  • Different Dive Sites – These islands will offer you over 20 dive sites that you can enjoy. Each one of these sites will have a different star attraction and its own unique offering. To see reef sharks, dive at Manta and Shark point. If you want to see turtles, head over to bounty wreck. If what you are hoping to see are humphead parrotfish, then Coral Fan Garden is where you need to go. There are over 20 such places to explore.
  • Dive Conditions – The water is warm throughout the year at 27°C – 29°C. There is also plenty of visibility since you can actually see to about 30 feet. Between December and January, you may experience some stronger currents. On those days, you are advised not to go diving but to wait it out.
  • Dive site Locations – All of these dive sites are only a 5 to 10-minute boat ride away from the islands. Here, you will see plenty of marine life even in shallow water and excellent reefs. When you get hungry you can visit one of the restaurants or cafes on the shores.  Usually, they have delicious meals to offer. You may also offer to go about an hour out by boat to Sekotong. Here, you will find dive sites around Sekotong, Gili Gede and Gili Nanggu.  During these tours, you will likely have a snack or lunch offered on board or you could eat on a secluded island.

Regardless of your diving level, you are welcome to go diving in the Gili Islands. Since there are many different dive sites, there is a place for the beginners and a place for the pros. For beginners, dives are usually situated in areas with smooth condition, plenty of visibility, easy access and warm waters. Whole families can also dive together and introduce their children to scuba diving. The kids will enjoy seeing the sea turtles and different species of fish in the various dive sites. Are you ready to dive ? Book your diving and stay with us!

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