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The Reasons Why You Need To Visit Lombok

If you are looking for a place to enjoy some peace and quiet, then Lombok is the obvious choice.  There are so many reasons to visit Lombok not just the secluded beaches. Here are just a few:

reasons why visit Lombok - lombok beach

  • The Culture – This is a mixture of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist culture. These people leave together very harmoniously. You can also visit the temples and mosques for a deeper understanding of their religions.
  • Festivals – There are many different festivals that happen in Lombok every year. One of the famous ones is Bau Nyale where the Sasak people capture sea worms. This tradition has a story linked to it that you should be keen to ask the locals about. There is also Hari Raya a Muslim festival, and the Hindus celebrate Senggigi.
  • Peace and Quiet – This is the place to go to if you are looking for peace of mind and a time to reflect. Even though there are nightclubs as well as bars, they are quite limited, which contributes to the tranquility of the island. It has beautiful beaches and remains un-crowded.
  • Romantic Ambiance – Lombok is beautiful and blessed with endless white sandy beaches. The untouched beauty and seclusion of these beaches makes it a very romantic place to be.  Enjoy the amazing sunsets and sunrises with your special someone on a honeymoon that both of you will never forget.
  • Ease of Travel – Once you fly into Bali, it is only a 20 minute flight to Lombok. You may also decide to fly in from Singapore or Java. The best places to land include Kuta and Senggigi where you will find accommodation and people who speak English. You will be happy to find that there is never any traffic in Lombok. The roads tend to be clean and you can go clear across the island whenever you want to. If you want a different experience, try hopping on to a scooter to get around.

reasons why visit Lombok - Rinjani

  • Mount Rinjani – This volcanic mountain towers of Lombok. It is the second tallest in all of Indonesia. The Sasak and Balinese consider it a sacred place. If you enjoy mountain climbing, this would be a good one to climb. Once you get to the top, consider fishing in the lake even as you enjoy the setting sun.
  • Surfing – Lombok is well known for its surf. One of the more popular surfing locations include desert point and Bangko. The waves can be very big and dangerous here so only professional surfers can ride them, but if you are learning, you can visit Selong Belanak, Senggigi beach and Gerupuk.

Now you have a reason why you should visit Lombok, make your reservation today and explore more about Lombok with Villa Almarik.

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