Dive Sites in the Gili Islands

If you are a diving enthusiast, it is highly likely that you have already been to the Gili Islands. If not, then these must be at the top of your must-visit destinations. These islands located on the Lombok Strait are the most popular destinations, more so for their wide array of diving sites. These islands are considered to provide the ultimate diving experience.Dive Site Gili Island

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, there is something for everyone. Below are a few of the top diving spots on the  Gili islands:

  1. Shark Point: This is a popular diving site on the Gili Trawangan island ideal for viewing of larger marine animals. The diverse range of species includes cuttlefish, stingrays, tons of turtles, reef sharks and bump head parrot fish.
  2. Manta Point: Still on the Gili Trawangan Island is Manta Point, featuring a gently sloping reef home to reef sharks, stingrays, cuttlefish, octopus and Manta.
  3. Halik: This is a steep slope reaching 5-24 meters with interesting gullies at the bottom. There are hard corals near the surface giving way to soft corals. Divers enjoy swimming with turtles, which do not mind human presence.
  4. Deep Turbo’s: This is another popular diving spot on Gili Trawangan Island with sandy sea bed with unique sandy mounds, outcrops and overhangs, which are home to different animals including eels, barracuda, leopard sharks and giant rays.
  5. Meno Bounty: This sunken platform in Gill Meno goes down to 30 meters and is covered in soft and hard corals. Different fish occupy these corals including scorpion fish, juvenile bat fish, stone fish, and drummer fish.
  6. Japanese wreck: This is a favorite for wreck diving for experienced divers. The Japanese patrol boat from WW II provides 20 meters of length to explore and is surrounded by 45 meters of sandy bottom. Divers enjoy seeing frog fish, nudibranchs, lion fish and scorpion fish.
  7. Meno Wall: Off the west of Gill Meno is the Meno wall diving site which provides an excellent night diving experience. Various animals inhabit this wall including sponge crab, sleeping turtles, baby cuttlefish and scorpion fish, lobsters and shrimps.
  8. Air Wall: A popular diving spot on Gil Air Island with a vertical drop from 5 meters to 30 meters. It boasts one of the largest habitats for Bump Head Parrot fish and other unique marine life.

The Gili Islands in Lombok is the ultimate diving destination and you can choose from among these diving sites for an unforgettable experience. Contact our dive center in Villa Almarik and we are ready to bring you to a dive of your life time.

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