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Best Beaches in Lombok

Lombok is only 2 hours away from Jakarta by air. It has some of the best beaches in this area. They are deserted and overlooked by little hillside towns. Lombok has a population of 2.4 million people with 20% being Balinese Hindu while the remaining 80% being Sasak Muslim. This means that you will find a delightful mix of ancient temples and majestic mosques on the island. Here are some of the beaches that you can hope to visit:

Tanjung A’an Beach

This one can be found to the South East. It is isolated and is a fantastic place to go snorkeling or to take a dip. You will also find a few food vendors who will be more than willing to serve up tasty snacks as you sun bath.

Seger Beach

You have heard of Kuta Beach, when Seger beach is only 2km east of it. This is the perfect spot to lie around and soak up some sun. You can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Those who come to this beach in the early hours of the morning will find that they are there in isolation. If you love being alone on a quiet beach, you must try this one. If you go between February and March, you may even be able to catch the Bau Nyale ceremony, which lasts all day. At low tide, you will find locals in their thousands looking for sea worms during the ceremony.

Kuta Beach


This beach is in Lombok, but shares a name with the more famous one located in Bali. This is another quiet beach. The sand here is unique because it looks just like pepper. Interestingly, some of the locals may even try to get you to purchase a bottle of this sand for about $.40.

Mawun Beach

This is perhaps the most beautiful of all Lombok beaches. It is in a hidden lagoon or bay where two outcrops of rock keep it protected. The water here is very calm and it is a perfect location to go swimming. This beach also hardly has any people in it.

Selong Belanak Beach

This is a great beach for you if you are just beginning to surf. You have just enough waves to surf without them being too big and scary. In addition, the scenery is panoramic with endless sand white and bright. It is a beach where you can enjoy sunbathing as you read a great book and have a local snack from a vendor close by.

There are many of stunning beaches in all other wind directions, beach life comes in many different guises in Lombok. Book your stay with us today and explore a lot more things that Lombok offers!

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