A Guide to Gili Trawangan for Restless Travelers

Tropical island holidays can be an absolute dream for some people. Relaxing on the beach, dipping in and out of the water, and reading and napping under an umbrella are ideal for some. But others need more to do to keep them happy on vacation. Gili Trawangan might be a small island but there are actually lots of things to do there. That’s why it is great whether you just want to chill or you like a little more action. Here is our guide to Gili T for restless travelers.

Cycling and walking

A Guide to Gili Trawangan for Restless Travelers

One of the very best things about Gili T is that it is so easy to walk and cycle everywhere. If you are an early riser, it is wonderful to take an morning walk or ride along the sandy paths. There are hardly any people around and you can enjoy the cool morning air and empty beaches.

Cycling and walking are also options to get some exercise in. A quick cycle around the whole island takes around an hour. It’s all flat but you can still get a good sweat going. Another option is to walk up Gili Trawangan Hill, the highest point on the island. The start of the hill is about a 25 minute walk from Villa Almarik and then another 15 to 20 minutes to the top. The views from the top are fantastic and you will get your steps in for the day.

Snorkeling and diving

A Guide to Gili Trawangan for Restless Travelers

The waters around Gili T are crystal clear with gentle currents. This makes for the perfect snorkeling and diving conditions. You can snorkel off the beach right in front of Villa Almarik, and in fact, this is one of the best places to see sea turtles on the whole island.

If you are a diver or would like to learn to dive, there is no better place than the Gilis. Gangga Divers dive center at Villa Almarik offers dive guides and PADI dive certification courses for all levels. There are over 20 world-class dive sites within 20 minutes of Gili Trawangan so you could easily spend days in the water snorkeling and diving without ever getting bored.

Island hopping and cruises

A Guide to Gili Trawangan for Restless Travelers

Gili Trawangan’s smaller neighbors Gili Air and Gili Meno are easy to visit by public boat. Boats leave throughout the day and will drop you at the other islands in just a few minutes so you can explore and then return anytime before sunset.

Speaking of sunset, cruises leave from the main Gili T port in the late afternoon for gentle sunset cruises. The view from the beach is spectacular but from the water it is even more breathtaking.

Exploring the island

Apart from all these activities, you can head down to Gili T’s main strip to do a bit of shopping, enjoy live music, have a few cocktails, or dance the night away in a bar.
There really is something for everyone on the island.

Do you get restless on holiday? What’s your favorite thing to keep busy and make the most of your vacation time? Tell us in the comments box below.

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